Access (SCQF Level 6)


  • Science

Why take this course?

This is an intensive course which aims to prepare you academically, and to give you the opportunity to develop the skills and confidence you need, for entry into university or HNC/D courses.

As well as providing a sound grounding in the theoretical basis of medical and life sciences, the course contains a significant amount of stimulating practical activities. Much of the practical work will be of direct relevance to local interests, industries or topical issues, and will ensure you acquire a broad base of laboratory knowledge and expertise.

Please note that all applicants must meet the below eligibility criteria.

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What you will experience

This will be an intensive programme which in the space of one year can take you from having no formal science qualifications to being able to commence HNC/D or degree level study.

The course will be delivered in a small group setting which will ensure a large amount of individual support can be provided. Most science classes will take part in dual purpose laboratory/classrooms which will allow practical and theory to be delivered in a combined fashion assisting learning and skills development. You will experience laboratories which are equipped to an excellent standard, with a wide range of modern instrumentation.

The course will make heavy use of online and interactive learning materials delivered via the College’s Virtual Learning Environment, which can be accessed outwith the College.

This programme will include:

  • Core skills units in communications and IT.
  • Academic units in as biology, human biology, microbiology, chemistry, maths and statistics.
  • Preparation for Higher Education. Alongside academic units, you will work through a variety of personal development and study skills materials aimed at helping you develop the skills and confidence you will need to succeed at university level study.

At the end of the programme each student is awarded a SWAP profile grading ranging from AAA-DDD. These grades are a reflection of your performance in each of the main science subjects (Maths, Biology and Chemistry) throughout the year.