Higher (SCQF Level 6)


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Why take this course?

The Higher Biology Course offers a broad and up-to-date selection of concepts and ideas relevant to the central position of life science within our society. Learners develop a deeper understanding of the underlying themes of biology — evolution and adaptation; structure and function; genotype and niche — and the scale of topics ranges from molecular through to whole organism and beyond. Learners develop scientific inquiry and investigative skills, scientific analytical thinking and evaluation skills, and the ability to understand and use scientific literacy to communicate ideas and issues.

This course will prepare you to move onto further study at HN or Degree level.

What you will experience

You will explore biology through completion of the following units:

Biology: DNA and the Genome

The Unit covers the key areas of: structure of DNA; replication of DNA; control of gene expression; cellular differentiation; the structure of the genome; mutations; evolution; genomic sequencing.

Biology: Metabolism and Survival

The Unit covers the key areas of: metabolic pathways and their control; cellular respiration; metabolic rate; metabolism in conformers and regulators; metabolism and adverse conditions; environmental control of metabolism; genetic control of metabolism; ethical considerations in use of microorganisms, hazards and control of risks.

Biology: Sustainability and Interdependence

The Unit covers the key areas of: food supply, plant growth and productivity; plant and animal breeding; crop protection; animal welfare; symbiosis; social behaviour; mass extinction and biodiversity; threats to biodiversity.