National 4 (SCQF Level 4)


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Why take this course?

This Unit forms part of the National 4 Mathematics Course. The National 4 qualification enables learners to select and apply straightforward mathematical skills in a variety of mathematical and real-life situations. Learners interpret, communicate and manage information in mathematical form.

This Unit is the Added Value Unit of the National 4 Mathematics course, and aims to enable the learner to provide evidence of added value for the National 4 Mathematics Course through successful completion of a test. The test will allow students to demonstrate the breadth of their knowledge.

What you will experience

In the National 4 Mathematics Course, the Added Value Unit will focus on breadth and challenge, and the learner will draw on and apply the skills they have learned across the other three Units.

As an aid to meeting the aims of the course, skills in using a calculator will be developed.