Next Step


  • Professional Cookery, Hospitality & Events Management

Why take this course?

Now that you have mastered the basic skills for cake decoration, it’s time to take the next step. This course will build on your existing skills so that you can refine and perfect the art of cake decorating!

What you will experience

During this 10 week course you will be expand the skills you have already learned, and start to concentrate on more complex designs and decorations. You will:

  • Learn safe and hygienic working practices within a kitchen environment
  • Learn the correct handling, selection and use of icing tools
  • Prepare a two-tier celebration cake for detailed decoration
  • Use a variety of preparation techniques including:
  • covering and simple flower design
  • Decorate a two-tier celebration cake including:
  • Covering for decoration with marzipan
  • Creating a simple centrepiece
  • Crimping, Frilling and Piping
  • Apply piped tidy trims with royal icing
  • Apply pipe-written messages