• English & Languages

Why take this course?

This IELTS preparatory course will enhance your academic and every day English vocabulary while equipping you with the necessary skills to sit the IELTS examination. You will develop a specific skill-set related to what you will encounter in the examination and all tasks are intended to familiarise you with the format of the test. These include:

  1. Understanding and describing graphs and charts
  2. Writing letters to request information
  3. Structuring and organising written arguments
  4. Understanding a variety of accents
  5. Time management in assessment conditions

You will also be taught strategies and skills to maintain meaningful conversations and how to understand and analyse a variety of written texts.

Throughout the course you will be guided by an experienced ESOL tutor who will be on hand to share experiences, give meaningful advice and provide appropriate feedback on your performances and progress.

What you will experience

The IELTS examination provides students with an internationally recognised qualification, and is undisputed evidence of a person’s English language ability.

Receipt of this qualification allows the student to study at thousands of education and training providers worldwide. It is also a recognised measure of English proficiency for employers and professional bodies all over the world.