SCQF Level 7


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  • Engineering


  • Online

Why take this course?

This Unit has been designed to develop candidates’ knowledge, understanding and skills in the characteristics and applications of a range of power electronic devices. Candidates will also study how these devices are electrically protected and cooled and will also consider a range of single phase a.c. to d.c. converter and d.c. to d.c. chopper circuits.

On completion of the Unit the candidate should be able to:

  • Analyse characteristics and applications of power electronic devices
  • Outline arrangements for protection/dissipation of heat from power electronic devices
  • Analyse operation and applications of single phase converters
  • Analyse operation and applications of dc to dc choppers.

What you will experience

Power Electronics devices and circuits are used extensively throughout industry and commerce for control purposes in a range of different equipment (e.g. the control of speed and torque in electrical motors).

In this Unit you will be provided with the opportunities to learn about the characteristics and applications of a range of modern power electronic devices. You will also learn about how such devices are electrically protected and cooled and you will consider the practical application of some of these devices by studying a range of single phase converter and d.c. chopper circuits.

Assessment for this Unit will comprise of one written test paper and one laboratory exercise. The written test will last one and half hours and will be taken under controlled, supervised conditions. You will take this test at the end of Unit delivery. You are likely to undertake the practical laboratory during the delivery of Outcome 3.