SCQF Level 7


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  • Engineering


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Why take this course?

This Unit has been designed to allow you to develop knowledge, skills and understanding in basic thermofluids principles and concepts. It is a mandatory Unit within the HNC/HND Mechanical Engineering Group Award, may be part of other Group Award or can be taken as a single HN Unit.

Credit points and level: 1 HN credit at SCQF level 7: (8 SCQF credit points at SCQF level 7)

What you will experience

You will study the relationships that exist between pressure, volume and temperature, as well as evaluate properties and changes of state for perfect gases and vapours. You will also develop the knowledge and skills to that are needed to evaluate energy transfers for perfect gases and vapours. This evaluation is the basis for applying thermofluids principles to specified thermodynamic systems e.g. boilers, condensers, turbines, compressors as well as nozzles and throttles. You will then learn to apply energy, continuity and momentum principles to steady flow processes i.e. in pipes of varying cross section and inclination, pipe bends, stationary flat plates and stationary curved vanes.

Having the theoretical knowledge and understanding is very important, but it is also important that you are able to set your theoretical knowledge within a practical Mechanical context. Thus, it is likely that during the unit you will relate theory to practice by conducting practical experiments.

The formal assessment for this Unit will consist of a single assessment paper lasting no more than two hours. The assessment will be conducted under closed-book conditions in which you will not be allowed to take notes, textbooks etc into the assessment. However, you will be allowed to use a scientific calculator. You will sit this assessment paper at the end of the unit.