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Why take this course?

This online training course covers the harmful effects of alcohol use, possible health issues surrounding it’s consumption, and where to seek treatment and help.

n 2020, alcohol-related deaths increased by 20% compared to the previous year, and was the highest annual number since records began in 2021.


What you will experience

Section 1: Alcohol unit strengths – Learn about the unit strengths of different alcoholic drinks.

Section 2: Alcohol misuse – Identify the main reasons why people may misuse alcohol.

Section 3: Effects of alcohol misuse – Learn about some of the psychological and physical effects of alcohol misuse.

Section 4: Health issues – Find out how alcohol misuse can have a negative impact on health, such as nutrition, the liver, the heart, mental health and sexual health.

Section 5: Withdrawing from alcohol – Develop your knowledge of the effects of withdrawing from alcohol.

Section 6: Help and information – Find out about the best sources of help and information in relation to alcohol abuse.