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Why take this course?

Challenging behaviour is a characteristic of many common brain disorders; this course offers advice and guidance to carers looking for effective coping strategies and help with limiting the ongoing effects of behavioural challenges. Touching on aspects of physical and verbal aggression, inappropriate sexual behaviour, repetitive questioning and aimless wandering, the learning is applicable to a range of health conditions including stroke and mental illness but will be especially relevant to those caring for people with dementia. Providing an insight into the potential source of these behaviours, the course offers an excellent resource for those with an interest in building trusting and respectful relationships with the people they care for.

What you will experience

The online materials include quizzes, activities and checklists to help reinforce learning as students work through each topic. In addition, learners will be asked to take an online assessment to check their knowledge on completion of the course. By the end of the course learners will be able to: Explain the term ‘Challenging Behaviour’; apply good practice when addressing a person with challenging behaviour; list common examples of challenging behaviour; identify appropriate responses to a range of behaviours.