• English & Languages

Why take this course?

You have a basic understanding of Polish, but feel you can’t progress much further without conversation and interaction. This intermediate level course is perfect for learners with some knowledge of the language who are hoping to build on their existing vocabulary, spoken and written skills.

What you will experience

This course is the perfect way to brush up on your spoken and written skills and to use your existing knowledge of Polish to push you to the next level. The course aims to provide you with the confidence to hold a conversation in Polish. You will gain a firm grasp of the language in a safe, fun learning environment through conversation and written work. By the end of the course you should confidently be able to:

  • Talk about past events (e.g. where you have been on holiday)
  • Ask questions (open and closed)
  • Talk about plans or future events
  • Talk about the weather
  • Describe your daily routines including dates and times, as well as your hobbies and interests