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Why take this course?

Approximately 25 million working days are lost each year due to work-related illness or workplace injury. Within that, a staggering number are the result of work-related incidents that could have easily been avoided.

This short, auto-marked programme will give you the knowledge you need to understand those risks and problems that may occur when working with Display Screen Equipment (DSE).

What you will experience

This course is split into manageable sections. These are:

Section 1: The Importance of Display Screen Equipment (DSE) risk assessments
In this section the learner will begin to understand the reasons for conducting DSE risk assessments, problems that may occur when working with DSE and the legal requirements that come under health and safety legislation.

Section 2: Controlling the risks from DSE workstations
The learner will learn about the principles of good DSE workstations, and will be able to identify the causes of ill health from DSE use and make corrections to workstation designs in order to control risks.

Section 3: Carrying out a DSE risk assessment
The final section helps the learner to understand the stages of a DSE risk assessment, what should be covered in the risk assessment and when to review a DSE risk assessment.