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Why take this course?

This e-learning course comprises an introduction and two easy-to-follow study units. The dangers of fire, the importance of safety and all aspects of awareness and prevention are covered in detail, along with scenarios that describe the realities of what fire can do.

What you will experience

Unit 1: Introduction
Provides learners with a detailed introduction to the course.

Unit 2: Fire Awareness and Prevention
Learners will explore the three components that make up the ‘Triangle of Fire’ so that they understand what can cause materials to combust under certain conditions. The Unit also explains who is responsible for fire safety and includes several activities where learners identify potential fire hazards in their work place and have to to suggest how to minimise the risks.

Unit 3: Dealing with a Fire
This Unit provides information and descriptions of the different types of fire warning systems learners may encounter in their work place, and provides examples of potential danger/other problems that can be caused by false alarms and recommends ways of dealing with them. Learners also benefit from detailed descriptions of the different types of fire extinguishers, how to identify them and what type of fire each one should be used on. The Unit concludes by providing guidance on how to take appropriate action in the event of a fire.