SCQF Level 6


1 year


Aug 2024


  • Science


  • Aberdeen City Campus

Why take this course?

Forensic science is a crucial part of crime scene investigation, using scientific techniques to analyse and piece together the evidence to be presented during a court case and help solve the crime.

Biotechnology explores how some of these techniques, and others, can be used to harness biological processes for use in industry. This includes interesting topics like vaccine production, DNA analysis and genetic engineering.

This Level 6 course is a great stepping stone to further study with NESCol via the HND Biotechnology or HNC/D Applied Science which can lead to a range of exciting careers or direct entry to year 3 year of a large range of degree programmes.

What you will experience

The Level 6 Forensic Science & Biotechnology course offers both theoretical and hands-on, practical learning across a diverse range of interesting topics. It is similar to our Level 6 Applied Science but has some exciting differences.

During this course, you’ll learn about and try out forensic techniques such as blood typing, blood spatter examination, fingerprinting, gunshot residue testing and DNA analysis.

You’ll cover state-of-the-art techniques including cloning, stem cell technology and using bioreactors. You will also get hands-on with biotechnological techniques such as growing bacteria or yeast in the lab and investigating the activity of enzymes and how they can be used in industry to make everyday products.