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Why take this course?

Performance management training courses are a perfect way for people to learn the key skills needed to effectively manage performance in the workplace.

This course will open a variety of employment opportunities for individuals and provide a way for employers to develop the skills of their staff.

What you will experience

Course content:

Section 1: The importance of effective performance management – Learn about formal and informal performance assessment in the workplace and the line manager’s role in performance management.

Section 2: How to manage the performance of individuals in the team – Explore ways to ensure fair and objective formal assessment, how to set SMART objectives and performance standards for a team member and how to measure performance.

Section 3: Feedback in the workplace – Discover the importance of feedback to improve performance and how to give feedback effectively.

Section 4: Managing underperformance – Cover the potential areas of underperformance in the workplace and its causes, along with actions to restore performance to acceptable levels.