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Why take this course?

Being savvy with your money is becoming more and more essential as the cost of living increases, and we all want to be able to enjoy the money we earn without worrying about overspending and entering financial difficulties.

This course covers everything you need to know about effective money management – from controlling what you spend on a day-to-day basis, to buying large items that require more planning and budgeting.

What you will experience

This course is split into manageable sections. These are:

Section 1: Understanding personal money management
This section aims to help you change your attitude towards money and learn how to make savings in order to manage your money better and see it go further. Explore credit and the many different types and the cost of borrowing (including the dangers of the consequences following missed payments).

Section 2: Applying methods for personal money management
Work out which daily money management methods suit you best by exploring different ways to save. You will learn about the amount of your earnings that you actually take home on pay day – after tax and national insurance deductions – as well as examining other potential deductions and entitlements you might eligible for.

Section 3: Planning for and financing a significant expenditure
This section has been specifically developed to ensure you know exactly how to get things you never thought you could realistically afford. You will pick out something you have always wanted to buy, and the course will help you find the best way you can purchase it – including how you will finance it and which purchase protection would work best for you.