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Why take this course?

Millions of tonnes of waste are produced by businesses and homes in the UK every year.

The way this waste is dealt with has become increasingly important with recycling and waste minimisation plans being implemented in many companies.

Looking to learn more about waste management? This course covers different types of waste and how they can be recycled or disposed of safely, the benefits and relevant legislation.

What you will experience

Course content includes:

  • Different types of waste
  • Characteristics of different types of waste
  • Factors which may affect how much waste an organisation produces
  • Main pieces of legislation relevant to waste management
  • Types of public and private sector organisations that play a role in waste management
  • Why it is important to manage and minimise waste
  • How waste can be used
  • How to promote responsible waste management
  • Methods used to dispose of reusable or recyclable waste
  • Methods used to dispose of waste that is not reusable or recyclable
  • How to dispose of waste safely