8 weeks


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  • Art, Design & Photography


  • Aberdeen City Campus
  • Inverurie Community Campus

Why take this course?

Purely Photography is a great part time course for beginners. It will help you to stop using the automatic mode on your camera and make you start using the manual mode where you will have all the control.

Over the duration of 10 weeks you will learn about various techniques and settings which includes: the exposure triangle, white balance, properties of light, lighting styles, compositions and photographic equipment. There will be a range of both theory and practical in this course.

What you will experience

You will explore the various functions of the digital SLR or compact camera, allowing you to maximise the use of your camera and move away from the automatic settings. The course is very practical, and will use your own camera to capture images whilst testing the various settings available. You will also focus on specific genres of photography to see what settings should be used to achieve the best possible results, and study the work of other photographers to assess the settings they have used. Main Topics include:

  • Camera modes
  • Aperture, shutter speeds and ISO
  • Exposure
  • Properties of light
  • Lighting styles
  • White balance
  • Composition
  • Use of photographic equipment
  • Importing, archiving and transferring images
  • Visual thinking
  • Research of contemporary and historical photographers