• Art, Design & Photography

Why take this course?

Adobe Photoshop is the software of choice for professionals working with digital images. It provides improved access to its unrivalled power through a more intuitive user experience, greater editing freedom and significant productivity enhancements. If you’re wishing to output to web, print or mobile devices, this course will get you up to speed in no time by exploring image enhancing.

Through out the duration of the course you will learn about the essential elements of Adobe Photoshop by receiving a step by step guide which will enhance your photographic editing skills & knowledge.

What you will experience

Main topics include:

  • Overview of Adobe Photoshop workspace
  • How to re-size, rotate and crop images
  • How to use layers in Photoshop
  • How to use selection tools
  • How to correct colour
  • How to use filters
  • How to blend, feather and smooth
  • How to use drawing & painting tools