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Why take this course?

This e-learning course is ideal for people working within the health and social care sector, and would also be of interest to teachers, parents and community support staff. It explains what Autism Spectrum conditions are and the impact they have on people, whilst describing the triad of impairments as identified by Dr Leo Kanner.

What you will experience

The course is broken down into four easy steps – an introduction and three study units:

  • What are the conditions of Autism?
  • Characteristics of autism and providing support
  • Legal protection for effective planning

The objectives for the course are to define Autism list the different conditions within the spectrum. It outlines the benefits of early diagnosis and the theory behind the Autism Spectrum conditions.

You will also study some of the difficulties people have with this condition and how we can support those with autism, who often see the world around them in a different way to those without the condition. The course has suggestions of ways to support those with memory and sensory problems. It also outlines the key elements of the Autism Act 2009 and identifies the planning approach to planning care.