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Why take this course?

This e-learning course is broken down into four easy-to-follow units – an introduction and three study units. Using examples and interviews, it will provide learners with a better understanding of why people with learning disabilities may suffer from mental health issues and the signs to look out for.

It emphasises the differences between the two conditions and explains some of the treatment options available for those who are suffering from mental ill health.

What you will experience

Unit 1: You will receive an introduction to the course.

Unit 2: Intends to increase awareness of the rights and values of people with learning disabilities. It also looks at how a person-centred approach is critical to providing the right support, and defines learning disability and mental ill-health – underlining the difference between the two. Unit 2 concludes by identifying some of the mental health problems that learners need to be aware of, and look out for, and describes the factors that can cause their development.

Unit 3: Explains how learners can help the people they care for to stay physically and mentally healthy through different stages of their lives. Learners will also look at why record-keeping is important as part of their supporting role. Unit 3 concludes by helping learners explore the services that exist to provide advice and guidance for them and the people in their care when they need extra support.

Unit 4: Helps learners to identify their responsibilities when someone they support is being assessed for mental health needs, and informs them of treatments available and what might happen if a person refuses any intervention. Learners will look at how the Mental Capacity Act and the Mental Health Act can be used in some circumstances to ensure that people receive the treatment they need, if it is in their best interests. A list of a person’s rights under the Mental Health Act will be provided, and Unit 4 will conclude by planning how learners can put what they have learned on the course into practice in their work.