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Why take this course?

This short, auto-marked programme will provide you with the knowledge required in order to understand the harmful effects and key issues relating to eating disorders. The course is highly beneficial for those who need to know how to support others living with an eating disorder, but also beneficial for those who want to familiarise themselves with the topic.

The course is completed online with auto-marked assessments so can be completed in your own time, and can act as a valuable addition to your CV.

What you will experience

This course has four main sections:

Section 1: Types of eating disorders
This section develops learners’ understanding of several eating disorders.

Section 2: Potential causes of eating disorders
This section explores the common causes of eating disorders including psychological, environmental, societal and biological factors.

Section 3: The effects of eating disorders
This section outlines the harmful effects of an eating disorder on the individual, their family and close friends.

Section 4: Management and recovery from eating disorders
This section covers the methods that individuals with an existing eating disorder can use to manage and recover. This includes medical interventions, public health resources and further treatment options.