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Why take this course?

With an estimated 8 in 10 employees leaving their job due to feeling unhappy with their prospects, it’s clear that effective leadership training is a cornerstone of any good workplace.

Whether you are an individual looking for a leadership course to benefit your career, or an employer looking for leadership training for staff, our Understanding Leadership CPD course is perfect. This leadership online course covers a range of subjects including the different types and styles of leadership, their effects on individual and group behaviour, how to develop an effective leadership style, and more.

What you will experience

Course content:

Section 1: Leadership styles – Develop an understanding of leadership styles, including the different types of leadership. It also covers the roles and responsibilities of leaders and the effects of different leadership styles on individual and group behaviour.

Section 2: Developing an effective leadership style – Assess personal leadership qualities and potential, and will consider ways of enhancing leadership behaviour.