Access (SCQF Level 6)


1 year


Aug 2024


  • Computing


  • Aberdeen City Campus

Why take this course?

In today’s tech-driven world, software development and cybersecurity skills are in high demand.

You’ll create real-world projects like building a website, developing your own app, and using scripts to test system vulnerabilities. With a curriculum designed to prep you for further computing qualifications, this course unlocks diverse career paths in software engineering, web development, IT security and more. This is an excellent opportunity to gain in-demand skills and experience that employers and universities look for.

Gain in-demand skills:

  • Learn programming languages like Python, HTML and CSS — the foundation for millions of apps and websites.
  • Develop your own mobile and desktop applications to start building a portfolio.
  • Try out ethical hacking techniques used by professionals to strengthen security.

Advance your career:

  • Gain skills and experience that tech employers and universities look for.
  • Open diverse career paths in software engineering, web development, cyber security and more.
  • Preparation for further computing qualifications like HNC and HND.

Hands-on, practical learning:

  • Create real-world projects like fully functional websites and your own unique apps.
  • Test out ethical hacking techniques in a safe virtual environment.
  • Learn by doing with a curriculum focused on practical application.

What you will experience

You have the chance to master in-demand skills. These include:

  • Building a professional portfolio through projects such as developing a website for a real-world client using HTML and CSS.
  • Creating your own mobile and desktop application prototypes with visual, drag-and-drop software.
  • Writing Python scripts to analyse data, automate common tasks, and implement algorithms.
  • Solving problems through computational thinking and evaluating the effectiveness of your solutions.
  • Using Linux tools and ethical hacking techniques to identify system vulnerabilities.
  • Learning how to install software and hardware components while gaining proficiency in administration of operating systems.
  • Exploring critical security topics like digital forensics, legal obligations and investigating how to mitigate cyber threats.