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Why take this course?

The European Computer Driving Licence has recently rebranded and is known as the International Certification of Digital Literacy – ICDL for short.

It is the internationally recognised qualification for computer users, and is widely recognised by employers as proof of ability and competence when working with IT.

Advanced ICDL Presentations (Module AM6) is a high-level certification programme for candidates who wish to create effective, high-impact presentations using advanced features and who need to be able to prove their skills in this area.

The programme covers advanced presentation features that will allow candidates to use the presentation application to its full potential, and to plan and design more effective presentations that have greater impact and that will better engage and involve an audience. The benefits of having Advanced ICDL Presentations certified skills are:

  • More confident, efficient and effective use of presentation applications
  • Proving your mastery of the application
  • Enabling you to plan and design more effective presentations
  • Improving your overall productivity
  • Course input from computer users, subject matter experts, and practising computer professionals from all over the world, ensuring the content is relevant and wide-ranging

This Advanced ICDL course is a Level 3 qualification (QCF) – roughly equivalent to SCQF Level 6 in Scotland – and is accredited by the British Computer Society (BCS).

Please note that although there are four Advanced ICDL Modules and these can enrolled on, completed and certified independently of each other, you only need to complete all four modules if you choose to.

What you will experience

This course is highly comprehensive, and has been developed with input from computer users, subject matter experts and practising computer professionals from all over the world – this ensures relevance and accuracy of module content. You will explore a range of key aspects relating to powerpoint presentations, including:

  • Understanding your target audience and venue considerations in presentation planning
  • Creating and modifying templates and format slide backgrounds
  • Enhancing a presentation using built-in drawing and image tools
  • Applying advanced chart formatting features and creating/editing diagrams
  • Inserting movies and sound, and applying built-in animation features
  • How to use linking, embedding, importing and exporting features to integrate data
  • Working with custom slide shows, apply slide show settings, and control a slide show

Upon completion of this course you should be able to maximise your presentations, using skills and knowledge that will set you apart in today’s competitive job market.