SCQF Level 7


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  • Business & Management
  • Computing


  • Online

Why take this course?

This unit is designed to develop the knowledge and skills required to use digital technology effectively to support administrative functions. The unit will be relevant to learners wishing to enhance their knowledge and skills in the use of ICT, social media, collaborative software and web services in a business context, or who are interested in a career as an administrator or digital/IT administrator.

What you will experience

This unit will develop your knowledge on ICT networks and allow you to develop the knowledge and skills required to use social media, collaborative software and a range of web services effectively with an administrative environment.

In Outcome 1 you will learn about ICT networks and security, with particular emphasis on the use of mobile devices and data storage to facilitate flexible working. In the modern world, remote working and internet–based (Cloud) technologies are increasingly prevalent, therefore the ability to use these safely and efficiently is becoming more and more important. In the assessment you will be required to make recommendations as to how these technologies can be best used in a particular scenario.

In Outcome 2 you will investigate the various types of social software available, and how these are used by modern organisations to engage with stakeholders. This includes etiquette and legal considerations when communicating online. In the assessment, you will be required to investigate the use of social media and explain or demonstrate how it can be used by organisations to interact with stakeholders online. This may be through a project, investigation, case study, questions or a combination of these.

In Outcome 3 you will learn the importance of verifying the validity of online information and about the various web services and e–technologies that can be used to help you plan, prioritise and execute the administrative job role. This will include the use of collaborative software to work with and share information with others. For the assessment you will be required to verify the validity (or otherwise) of online information sources; or explain how this can be done; and organise an event or meeting using an appropriate web services or software. You will also be required to use a web service to obtain feedback on a task you have carried out, evaluate this feedback and present your evaluation via collaborative software.