HNC (SCQF Level 7)


1 year


Aug 2024


  • Media, Communication & TV


  • Aberdeen City Campus

Why take this course?

This course is for those interested in pursuing a career in television/filmmaking media and who wish to develop the knowledge and creative and technical skills required for the television industry, freelance, corporate video and filmmaking.

Using industry-standard equipment in purpose-built facilities, students will learn the technical process of filmmaking – from using cameras, lighting, and sound, through to the final editing process.

Students will have an opportunity to learn After Effects, Premiere Pro, Animate, Multi-camera, scriptwriting, project management, film theory (critical analysis) and audio techniques to create a wide range of films and projects. These cover factual, non-factual, music videos, corporate video, scene recreations and work experience.

Students will engage in meta-skill based self-reflective evaluations and activities designed to develop skills in critique, problem solving, creative thinking, numeracy, adapting, collaborating, leading, curiosity and critical thinking. Developing transferable skills essential for the working world.

What you will experience

You will get a chance to produce various types of media, including:

  • Short form factual and non-factual film
  • Corporate video
  • Scene recreations and director appreciation exercises
  • Music videos
  • Live broadcasts
  • Directors commentaries over own media
  • Work experience
  • Meta skills
  • Project management
  • Critical Analysis of text
  • Develop skills needed on the studio floor, in the director’s chair, and in the editing suite