SCQF Level 7


Flexible start date




  • Business & Management
  • Computing


  • Online

Why take this course?

Today’s society is often described as the ‘Information Society’ – where information is expected to be timely and accurate, and presented professionally. Individuals in the workplace now have access to, and are responsible for, the management and secure storage of large amounts of information.

This Unit is designed to provide candidates with the knowledge and skills for further study or employment in an administrative or IT environment. It introduces the database as a tool to help store, process and produce information in such a way as to be relevant to a manager and thus assist with management decision-making. Initially, you will focus on the analysis of a business problem, then the design and use of a database to collate data and turn it into information. On completion of the Unit you will be able to:

  • Design a relational database structure from source documents
  • Modify and store data using a relational database
  • Query and present information to aid decision-making

Credit points and level: 1 HN credit at SCQF level 7: (8 SCQF credit points at SCQF level 7)

What you will experience

Initially this Unit will focus on the analysis of a business problem, then the design and use of a database to collate data and turn it in to information. There are three outcomes:

In Outcome 1 you will learn how to analyse a business problem, identify the data you need to process and how best to order that data. Then you will be introduced to the relevant terminology as well as the basic concepts of database design. You will create a database structure using a relational database.

In Outcome 2 you will also learn how to input data, using tables. You will also design forms and demonstrate how to use these forms for both managing data and searching for specific records. Finally having created a database you will be introduced to the importance of storing information securely.

In Outcome 3 you will use the database facilities to help you solve a range of business problems. You will also use the database facilities to help you present the results in a format that is clear to the reader. You will also look at the range of statistical functions available within the report object. Having produced the appropriate information you will then be able to recommend a course of action to a business problem.

In order to complete this Unit successfully, you will be required to achieve a satisfactory level of performance in all assessed work. There are three assessments for this course that are carried out under open book controlled conditions. Your Tutor will mark your certified assessments. Any re-submissions, known as remediation, will also be directed and remarked by your tutor. Your work will then be cross-marked by an in college subject expert, a process called moderation. It is only then that a result can be sent to the Awarding Body for certification. A pass is not final until all cross-checking procedures have been successfully completed. Your pass will be notified to the SQA for certification.