HN Units (SCQF Level 7)


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  • Business & Management


  • Online

Why take this course?

This Unit is aimed at individuals who need to access and analyse information as part of a course of study.

On completion of the Unit you should be able to:

1. Plan a research investigation.
2. Access and analyse complex information from a range of primary and secondary sources.
3. Present findings of a research investigation

This is a mandatory Unit within HNC/HND Business Group Award, designed to provide evidence that candidates have met the aims of the HNC Business.

Credit points and level: 1 HN credit at SCQF level 7: (8 SCQF credit points at SCQF level 7)

What you will experience

This Unit is about developing the skills to access, analyse and evaluate information from a variety of sources and to use this ability in the planning, carrying out and reporting of a research investigation.
You will look at how to access and use information from a variety of primary sources, such as interviews and surveys, and secondary sources such as articles, programmes and the internet. You will plan, carry out and report on the results of all your research.


Assessment will be on the final investigative report that you produce, and you will have to show that you can:
• define research objectives appropriate to your purpose
• plan a research investigation
• implement a research plan
• analyse information from a range of primary and secondary sources
• produce a referenced record of research activity and materials
• present findings based on accurate analysis and interpretation of data
• use a format appropriate to the chosen medium

Your report must be a minimum of 1,000 words or oral equivalent.