1 day


27 Nov 2024




  • Maritime
  • Maritime


  • Scottish Maritime Academy

Why take this course?

This is a statutory, one-day course for those entering the Merchant Navy and/or fishing industry

This course delivers a basic knowledge and practice of survival techniques and principles that can be applied to maximise the probability of survival following a marine casualty.

Training is delivered through a combination of theory and practical sessions.

What you will experience

  • Actions prior to abandonment of the vessel
  • Basic principles of survival
  • Types of survival equipment provided on board ships
  • Training and drills
  • Correct use of the lifejacket and entering the water from height
  • Launching of a liferaft. Righting of a capsized liferaft
  • Wet and dry boarding of a liferaft
  • Bring aboard an injured casualty
  • Hypothermia and other medical factors
  • Liferaft first aid
  • Liferaft equipment
  • Actions to aid location by rescuers